Amber Fields w/ Erina Q.: “When are you going to realize that you have everything you need within?”

Amber Fields is a prime example of how we can reach our full potential when we push ourselves to learn and grow. On the podcast, Stood in the Gap, host Derrin Slack speaks with Amber about her journey of self-discovery and the powerful words – “When are you going to realize that you have everything you need within?” – that helped her find her inner strength. Amber’s story is an inspirational one: she has held various jobs across multiple industries such as broadcasting, logistics, customer service and sales, yet has always been searching for validation in the wrong places. Through it all however, she stayed true to herself and ultimately realized what she was truly capable of.

Erina Q., a youth leader at Northview Middle School’s ProAct Kids in Action Club – part of MSD Washington Township (Indianapolis, IN) – joins us in our Youth Voice segment for this episode. Erina shares some powerful insights on finding fulfillment in life and staying oriented towards growth even in difficult times. Listen now to uncover their stories of resilience and tenacity!

Listen to this full episode here:

Watch the Full Episode here:

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