Dear Supporters:

Napolean Hill once stated that, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” This principle is applicable to ProAct in this past year. Our youth, trained and advocated for by our dedicated and passionate staff, gave continuous effort to serve Indianapolis in ninety-one service projects for various community organizations addressing many social issues. And as I reflect upon this past year, I get excited thinking about all the growth that has taken place within all of our programs. We grew from serving 2,003 people our previous fiscal year to serving 10,638 people this year. Our partnership list grew from 54 community partners to 142 partners. And our youth and volunteers had an economic impact of $272,761.44. Our mission is truly being realized and we diligently work to engage 20,000 youth by 2020, we are well on our way to realize this goal by 2020.

Here is the struggle Hill was alluding to – with such quick growth in the past two years, we have experienced operational challenges that were exposed as we worked to mobilize over 10,000 people this year with a small staff. Moving into another year of impact, we are committing to hyper-focusing on our core programs and maximizing our impact on our youth engaged in our programs. We are getting back to the basics, and now is a great time to reevaluate each of our programs so we can cultivate an experienced team, optimize our metrics, and provide quality programs and services to our youth and families. Our goal this year is to strengthen our foundation in Indianapolis so we can truly become the hub of community service for every individual, organization, and company seeking to serve with people in our community rather than to and for people in our community. This focus will help us develop strength and growth through a continuous effort to realize our mission to engage youth in public service that educates, delights, and inspires the youth and those they serve.

As we push forward, demand for our programs and services continues to grow as more schools and communities want to see our innovative service-learning programs teach these children that they can make a difference – no matter their situation. Through our programs, youth and the adults who work alongside them, will have the opportunity to develop empathy, compassion, leadership skills, and learn how we can effectively address social issues in our community by valuing diversity and relationships.

At a time when every smart donor is looking to make the greatest impact, supporting ProAct is a way to reach that objective. Please, help us spread the joy of serving as we pursue our goal that every young person in our community has available to them all the things every good parent would provide—access to positive activities, opportunities to learn and develop skills, and lots of supportive and caring relationships. We look forward to working in partnership with you to make ProAct a strong presence in Indianapolis so we can effectively engage our city’s most vulnerable population life-changing opportunities. Warm wishes for your health and prosperity.

Derrin Slack

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