Creating a New Tomorrow: Overcoming Your Obstacles with Dr. Aleesia Johnson

Finding your passion and giving back to others are two important pillars that can help you find fulfillment. The obstacles that may appear on our paths along the way are less important than how we overcome them to continue to push onward.


In today’s episode of Stood in the Gap, we sit down with Dr. Aleesia Johnson, Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools. Dr. Johnson explains how her grandfather’s phrase “To whom much is given, much is required” has inspired her to strive towards blessing others in the way that she has been blessed. She has taken up the role of superintendent, a role in which the demographic of black women is only 1.4%, in order to help create the best possible learning conditions for today’s youth. Discover her insights on overcoming obstacles, tackling self-criticism, and how she has handled risk taking in her professional career.

Listen here:

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