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We empower youth to stand in the gap for vulnerable populations to turn the world outward. Whereas, people see others as people - not objects.
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Empowering the Voiceless, Igniting Change

In a world where connection is often just a click away, it's heartbreaking to acknowledge that many of our youth are struggling with profound loneliness.

What We're Up Against

This isolation can feel like an insurmountable barrier, keeping vulnerable youth from realizing their potential, connecting with their peers, and contributing to their communities - they are oftentimes overlooked by society.

What We Do About It

Vulnerable youth are often the recipients of service, rather than the creators of service and this is where ProAct steps in. Our youth experiences empower all youth to feel seen and valued by providing a supportive community of peers and caring adults in which they can thrive.
ProAct has given me a new perspective of not only my issues but the issues of others, how little acts of kindness can positively affect people's lives in the end.

Ri'Kiyah T.
Kids in Action Experience

I struggled with poverty myself and joining ProAct gave me the opportunity to give back to other people and really show compassion to people who experience what I experienced.

LeAsia W.
Teens in Action Experience

We believe in a different story. 

Stand in the gap with us to help shape the futures of our youth.

We believe in a story where every young person, no matter their circumstances, has the power to rise above, to find their voice, and to use it for good.

 Benefits  of our Youth Service-Learning Experiences

  Small Group of Youth Serve and Learn Together

We encourage School Champions to recruit a diverse group of 12-15 students per cohort so that our groups consist of students with few barriers and many barriers who serve and learn together throughout the year.


  Youth Participants Gain Valuable 21st-Century Skills

ProAct develops these skills through weekly social equity workshops and monthly service projects that the youth participate in throughout the Indianapolis community. The four 21st Century Skills (NEA) are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The fifth “C” that ProAct develops is confidence


  Shawnna's Rule: Youth Can Count on Caring Adults to Always Be There

We strive to never cancel a program experience for 30-36 weeks during any given school year. We call this our ‘No-Cancellation Policy’ or “Shawnna’s Rule.” No matter the time, reason, or place, we show up for our kids. Just by being there, you never know whose life you may be saving because you are consistent. #standinthegap


Bring an Experience to Your School or Organization. 

Exclusive Youth Experiences
Welcome to our exclusive range of experiences tailored specifically for youth program facilitators, youth workers, educators, and adult leaders! We take great pride in offering comprehensive lesson plans meticulously designed for 5th-12th grade learners, aimed at guiding them through life-changing service-learning experiences focused on social issues affecting our communities. 
SEL + Service-Learning
Each experience incorporates SEL frameworks, trauma-informed care, and mindfulness techniques.

Rest assured, with each experience you engage with, you will gain access to a valuable full-day train-the-trainer session, equipping you with all the essential tools and resources necessary for effectively engaging vulnerable youth. Get ready to make a difference and join us as we boldly #standinthegap together! 
Ready to Learn & Serve with us?
We are here to walk with you along the way. Our team of dedicated Community Impact Concierges is ready to meet you where you are as you consider your needs for your school, faith-based community, or organization.

Reach out to us to schedule a Discovery Call.

Join us on this journey.
Turn the World  Outward. 

Thank you!
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Every child deserves to be  Seen. 

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