Derrin Slack: “I’m Not Giving Up on You”


Success is not achievable alone. We all have a story of a person who took a risk, someone who imagined a life greater than what we could, someone who stood in the gap. 

This show shares those ‘someones.’ Those unsung heroes who pushed us when we could have settled for what is.

Stood in the Gap focuses on the journey of where leaders were before they achieved their goals. It’s stories often left untold, yet those stories made the difference between giving up and pressing on. And in those moments, what made all the difference? The words said. Each leader on our show shares what was said in their darkest moments, catapulting them out of the darkness and into who they are today. 

What were those words? And why were they said? And more importantly what happened next. That’s what we’ll find out. 

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