Introducing Selina Tillman

At ProAct, we have a diverse and innovative team of individuals who share a similar passion and dedication towards the youth we serve. From our leadership to our board and each person involved, our goal is to provide an exceptional experience that will have a lasting impact that extends far beyond the service projects and workshops we initiate. We are excited to add Miss Selina Tillman to the team as our first Community Impact Concierge! Read below to hear from Selina in her own words.

My name is Selina Tillman, ProAct Indy’s Community Impact Concierge. I am a dedicated community worker who has seen the risk and cost of resources and time when there is a lack of capacity. I have dedicated much of my independent work to food access. However, I soon realized the hole and the gaps in the community were not just in the food access arena, but lack of sustainable capacity exists in every community and organization, no matter the size.

When I learned that ProAct Indy also shared a similar philosophy of leveraging social capital to help groups cross racial, social, and economic boundaries I knew this was an opportunity for me to design and manage projects with a positive social impact. I am excited to assist our partners and our youth in leading the charge of training and service-learning  and assisting with project management for our diverse pool of community partners!

With ProAct, I feel like I can be myself and do what I love, I could not have asked for a better opportunity than to serve as a Community Impact Concierge, Indy!

I would like to conclude with this encouragement, though it may be the end of the world as we know it let’s seek opportunities towards the nuances of our relationships ahead.

ProAct’s success is optimized by our agility, which we share with our partners! In the midst of social-distancing let’s seek opportunities to continue to meet a new set of demands and needs that await.

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