January Spotlights: Check Out Our Awesome Youth, Corporate, & Nonprofit Partners!

Youth Leader of the Month

Unique has been a true leader since the first day of ProAct club. She was the first student to receive her first badge in the youth passport and she is always willing to lead an activity. We can always count on Unique to take charge and show up as her best self.
School Champion
Mike (Papa B) is a volunteer for our St. Luke’s cohorts. Mike shows up every single week for our kids, and has won their hearts over as they look forward to seeing him every week and always ask where he is. He has shown up to every single project for the kids.
We appreciate you Papa B!
Corporate Partner
Second Presbyterian Church has showed up for ProAct in amazing ways this year! ProAct wants to thank you for all the amazing work you do for our kiddos!
Nonprofit Partner
Recovery Cafe / WeBloom is a nonprofit who’s mission is to empower communities through training, education, consulting, collaboration, resource sharing and technology. Their vision is that every community will create optimal conditions for all members to thrive.
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