Jenn Lisak Golding: “Make Your Own Destiny”

Make your own destiny” 

Episode Description: 

“You are in charge of your own destiny, make it your own.”

As a woman in business and leadership, Jenn Lisak Golding, Founder and CEO of Sapphire Strategy, knew she would face many obstacles. Thanks to the teaching and inspiration of trailblazers like her mother and aunt, she learned to keep going and find the right opportunities.

Despite pressure to pursue a prestigious title as a doctor or lawyer, Jenn knew the only way she would be happy and successful was to make her own destiny.

As she shares her story, you’ll hear how she learned to enforce balance between the work she loves and her family life.

In This Episode: 

  • [1:29]–This or that? with Jenn
  • [7:04]–What were her lowest moments?
  • [10:19]–What “Make your own destiny” means to Jenn
  • [12:23]–Jenn’s guiding principles for success
  • [14:25]–Advice and encouragement to keep moving forward

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “Keep your head high, keep going, get out of toxic situations. You’ll find the right opportunities.”
  • “You are in charge of your own destiny, make it your own.”
  • “When you practice something enough and you keep repeating it, you’re going to believe it.”

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