K1ds Count Therapy

At ProAct, we believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on social issues affecting vulnerable populations and our city’s future generations of employees – today’s youth.

Our vision for our corporate partnerships is to leverage the social and financial capital of the business community to empower youth and strengthen community organizations to create a strong network of support and sustainability.

In 2020, while launching our new Proactive Community model, we were empowered by the commitment of K1ds Count Therapy who has committed to be the first business to go deep with us in our new model through our:

  1. Rising Star Leadership Program – an innovative leadership development program for young professionals.
  2. Customized monthly days of service for 100 employees.
  3. Popular diversity and inclusion workshops on various topics including implicit bias.

With this commitment of time and financial resources to invest in our youth and vulnerable communities, K1ds Count Therapy is helping us disrupt how current Corporate Social Responsibility programs can be made to be more efficient and meaningful through a partnership with ProAct.

Through our Proactive Community Model, K1ds Count Therapy is supporting three schools during the 2020-21 school year:

  • Kindezi Academy
  • Circle City Prep
  • Vanguard Collegiate Middle School

Our hope is that other businesses and their leaders will take their lead. Watch this video to learn more about our partnership with K1ds Count Therapy!

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