Meet Our New Class of Site Leaders!

From an organization that began with volunteers serving as the main drivers of ProAct’s mission, we have grown to support nine staff members who help us reach our ambitious goals. This year, we are poised to double our impact in the community, but not without the newest additions to our team.
This month, six new site leaders began their year long service with ProAct to be the leaders who administer our program curriculum in our partner schools and mentor each cohort of boys and girls. One of our signature programs, Kids in Action, is going full throttle and we are constantly seeking to expand our programs across the city of Indianapolis to more schools.

Site Leaders are the heart and lifeblood of our programs as they are the passionate leaders who educate and inspire our youth to have visions beyond themselves. Site Leaders facilitate our youth groups during their weekly leadership workshops and monthly Service Saturday events for two semesters, full school year. The general purpose of this position is to work as part of a  team with our School Champions to form positive mentoring relationships with a consistent small group of 10-20 boys and girls ages 10-12 and provide the supervision and guidance for them as they participate in service-learning activities throughout the school year.

Meet our Site Leaders

Cody Balog | Cody is back for his third year of service with ProAct as a Site Leader. He is currently a senior at IUPUI studying Exercise Science. His energy and passion for youth is contagious and we are excited to retain him as a key stakeholder in the lives of the youth we serve. Cody is the site leader at Oaklandon Elementary School in MSD Lawrence Township.

Alyssa Bella | Alyssa is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) at IUPUI. She is serving as a Site Leader for the first time and is enjoying her time serving with students at Sunnyside Elementary School of MSD Lawrence Township.

Dustie Cooper (not pictured) | In addition to mentoring our student cohort at Crestview Elementary School of MSD Lawrence Township, Dustie serves as a faithful caregiver for her aunt. She is a site leader for the second year in our Kids in Action program.

Becca Gratch | As a recent graduate from Butler University with a B.S. in Arts Management and Concentration in Nonprofit Management, Becca already has a wealth of experience working with youth at the Peace Learning Center, TeenWorks, and Starland Kids. She is leading the way at Charles W. Fairbanks Elementary School IPS #105. 

Trevor Mays | Enrolled at IUPUI in his senior year pursuing a degree in Business Management, Trevor currently works at Casler’s Kitchen and Bar as a server in addition to leading our youth cohort at Raymond Brandes Elementary School IPS#65. 

Savanna (Sav) Williamson | Holding a background in Social Work as she pursues a degree at IUPUI, Sav enjoys working with youth at Mary Castle Elementary School in MSD Lawrence Township to help them realize their value.

Please reach out to our program director, Julie Plake at to serve alongside these outstanding site leaders and the youth they mentor. Leadership workshops occur Monday-Thursday at respective schools and service projects occur once a month on Saturday.




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