Mike Reynolds: “Relationships are all that matter.”

“Relationships are all that matter”

Episode Description:
Despite more than 20 years as a software product leader, Mike Reynolds, CEO of Innovatemap,  wasn’t prepared for the loneliness he experienced when starting his digital product agency. 

Yet, Mike received encouragement and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs who took the time to invest in a relationship with him. These informal mentorships taught him “relationships are all that matter,” a lesson that has permeated the culture of Innovatemap. 

As he shares his story, you’ll hear how Mike learned to make relationships the priority both at work and at home, and the impact it’s had on his family and his company.

In This Episode: 

  • [1:29] –This or that? played with Mike Reynolds
  • [4:45] – Highlighting struggle between life and work
  • [10:18] – How to get through the lowest moments
  • [14:26] – What “It’s all about relationships” means to Mike 
  • [16:57] – Why taking time for others is essential 
  • [18:04] – Advice and encouragement from Mike

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “It might not have been convenient, but we were going to figure it out.” – Mike
  • “At the time that I started, I did not have appreciation for loneliness I would encounter.” – Mike
  • “Pay attention to patterns, be open to change, and figure out the way to adapt.” – Mike

Community Mentioned: 

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