Monthly Spotlights: Check Out Our Awesome Youth, Corporate, & Nonprofit Partners!

Youth Leader of the Month

This month’s Youth of the Month is Clara from Westlane! Clara has come out of her shell and become so outgoing and talkative. She is showing up in amazing ways! She is a natural leader who is full of energy and is never afraid to share what is on her mind.


School Champion Spotlight

This month, we are highlighting Miss Jen from Willow Lake! Jen is at every single weekly meeting with her school, and makes sure to always step in when needed! She is also creating her own book!

Corporate Partner Champion Spotlight

Ashley Moore is our Corporate Champion Spotlight this month! She is always ready to support our youth, community, and our program efforts. Will do whatever it takes to give our youth the tools they need to succeed!
Non-Profit Partner Spotlight
Caroline Durava is our Non-Profit Partner Spotlight this month! Caroline is such an advocate for our community and is always so supportive of any initiative that supports our communities!
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