Mya Daelynn, M.A., CIP, Vice President, Community Engagement

Mya has a passion for community service, empowering youth and women which she does through her background with project management, event coordination, and facilitation. She uses her studies at the University of Indianapolis to sharpen these skills by majoring in Sociology with two minors, in Gendered Studies and Psychology. While also working on a concentration in Community Inequality and Change. Therefore, balancing a diverse schedule keeps herself engaged in service, allowing her to deepen her understanding of intentional community engagement while positively impacting vulnerable communities.

She is excited to continue to work with ProAct as their mission, stand in the gap, allows her to live out her life’s purpose of being a helping hand to all while contributing to the transformation of local communities in meaningful ways.

Eager to embody the principle portrayed in her favorite quote from Robert Ingersoll in which he states, “We rise by lifting others.” It is with this principle that Mya lays the foundation for the empowerment of women and youth. Mya strives to impact these populations through community service and equity-minded practice through intentional project management, strategic classroom programming, and compassionate and meaningful relationship building.

Mya believes service to our communities and to each other are the best ways to navigate the inequalities in our backyard and the world.

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