Our youth are not the recipients of community service, they are the givers and creators of the projects that help build and support our community. Working alongside Indianapolis professional groups, organizations, and volunteers, students are exposed to diverse communities and experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Our Mission

Stand in the Gap.

Our mission is to stand in the gap for vulnerable populations while empowering youth to actively transform their communities.

Our Vision

Turn the world Outward.

We work to realize a vision of our community where youth and adults alike adopt an Outward Mindset – whereas, people see others as people, not objects.

In this way, we help youth, individuals, teams, and organizations move from the default self-focus of an inward mindset to the results-focus of an outward mindset.

Our Values

We want to build a different type of organization that’s focused not only on our two bottom lines – community impact and revenue – but also on the happiness of our partners and team, and our personal growth along the journey. Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions: 

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