ProAct Indy Welcomes New Vice President of Community Impact

And quite frankly, we just leveled up.

“BOOM!!! Let’s change the world, homie,” Jessica Rodriguez Hernandez said after she signed her offer letter to serve as ProAct Indy’s new Vice President of Community Impact.

As a key member of the leadership team, Jessica will oversee the direction, operations, coordination, growth, and sustainability of our organization’s innovative programs. She also has oversight of human resources, partner management, and quality assurance.

Jessica can be best described as strategic, impact-driven, and relationship-focused. This is proven by her success most recently serving as the Vice President of Business Development at MojoUp and previously working at Morales Group as its National Account Executive. With this background, Jessica brings over a decade of experience in revenue generation strategies, new marketing expansion, and service to ProAct Indy’s leadership team.

“We are lucky to have such a results-driven, people-focused leader on our team,” said Founder & CEO, Derrin Slack. “I have always admired Jess and her ability to lead and inspire people for the good of all people from afar. And quite frankly, we just leveled up.”

Jessica had found fulfillment in educating and consulting her enterprise-level clients on the fruitful impact they create by pouring resources back into their communities. Her experience in sales has resulted in outcomes such as equitable employment, financial literacy, and DEI initiatives.

Hernandez is known for having a high standard of ethics, accomplishing any task at hand, and effectively leading teams of varying abilities. Her dedication is fueled by an interest in eradicating the status quo, eliminating inefficient processes, and dismantling oppressive systems gaining this passion from personal experience.

“Looking back at my high school experience, I was what most would consider ‘at-risk’,” said Hernandez when asked of her ‘why’. “I was a teen mom and at constant threat of being kicked out of school because of truancy. I had such a low ceiling of what I thought I could be.”

Jessica continued, “I was lucky to have incredible mentors stand in the gap for me at this moment. They advocated for me when I could not speak, they elevated me when I could not lift myself up, and they shined lights on my gifts when I could not see them. They lead me down on a relentless quest to do the same for others.”

We are fortunate to have an intentional community leader, passionate youth and community advocate, and strategic thinker join our leadership team to partner with us to stand in the gap for vulnerable populations and engineer upward mobility for our city’s youth. By joining our organization, Jess has become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our constituents with the highest possible level of service and guidance. 

“I am confident that Jess will find this new opportunity both challenging and rewarding, and I am grateful that she chose us as a viable partner to live out her passion and further her purpose,” said Derrin Slack. 

About ProAct Indy

ProAct is a pioneering community engagement organization committed to standing in the gap for vulnerable populations while empowering youth to actively transform their communities.

We bring together organizations in the city – helping groups cross social, racial, and economic boundaries – through meaningful service projects and social equity training. Learn more at or email us at

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