Thaddeus Rex w/ Christian: “You have to be able to make new decisions.”

In this episode, Derrin Slack delves into a conversation with Thaddeus Rex, and shares his journey in martial arts and the importance of self-improvement. Rex, who is a black belt in martial arts, talks about the mindset required to pursue such a path and the role of positive encouragement in their journey. 

The conversation also touches on the topic of decision-making, and how humans often make decisions without having all the data. Rex shares his belief that there are usually multiple reasons behind one decision and that it’s important to give oneself grace when making mistakes and admit when a wrong decision has been made.

This show is an insightful exploration of martial arts, self-improvement, and the importance of mindset and positive encouragement in pursuing personal goals. Whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast or simply interested in personal growth, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration.

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