We provide your employees with volunteer and professional development opportunities that will deepen their understanding of servanthood.

Through outsourced community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility solutions, ProAct can help your business change our community.

Why Our Work Matters

We connect schools, corporations, and nonprofits to empower our youth and better serve our community through our Proactive Communities Model.

We are a pioneering critical service-learning and community engagement organization committed to standing in the gap for vulnerable communities while empowering youth to actively transform.

Leveraging social capital, we specialize in intentionally bringing together organizations in the city – helping groups cross social, racial, and economic boundaries through meaningful service projects & social equity training.


How We Work With You

Your team will partner with a ProAct school and a collection of our nonprofit partners in your city to mentor students, share skills, and work alongside youth to make a positive impact on your community.

We provide outsourced, strategic solutions for corporate social responsibility and community engagement for your employees to deepen their understanding of servanthood.

Our Community Impact Concierges partner with your HR Director, COO, Marketing Director, and/or CSR Team to customize your unique program to elevate your brand in the community as a force for social good.

Corporate Partner Benefits

1. Community Impact Concierge

Dedicated consultant who creates, manages, and implements most or all of your company’s community engagement opportunities with ProAct. Our CICs partner with your HR Director, Marketing Director, COO, or CSR Team to customize or transform your CSR programs and track its impact with our robust technology.

2. Customized Days of Service

ProAct will design and manage human-centered community service projects for your team. Members of your team may choose from a catalog of projects to create their own community engagement path.

3. Diversity & Social Equity Curriculum

Developed in partnership with the University of Indianapolis and University of Minnesota, our facilitated curriculum helps your staff gain skills to better manage conflict, understand complex social issues, and engage with diverse colleagues and community members.

4. Rising Star Leadership Program

Your stand-out employees who have a passion for community service, diversity, equity and inclusion, and/or youth can serve as mentors to a group of students for 24-weeks teaching our youth program curriculum. We train and work alongside these rising stars to ensure growth and success!

5. Marketing Materials

We provide white labeled programs to help promote your unique brand to potential & current employees and the community at large. 

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