Yassmin Fashir, Community Impact Concierge

Born in Sudan, Yass was raised in Indiana and is passionate about social justice as her hands are always involved in community projects. She has a lot of experience traveling and working in different non-profits all over Africa. Before working at a secondary school in Nanyuki, Kenya, she interned at the first children’s museum and play hub in Africa, Kër Imagination. Another hobby of hers is storytelling and she can speak French and Arabic as well. Though her focus is war zone humanitarian and Refugee aid, she also takes pride and consistently mentors vulnerable youth wherever she is. She is excited to bring her global perspective and big ideas to Indianapolis as a Community Impact Concierge. She is even more excited to be a leader here in her hometown.

Yass is currently on sabbatical from her duties at ProAct as she is pursuing her Master’s Degree at NYU. Good luck, Yass, and we are eager for your return!

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